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Lynsey Byrne

Training Psychotherapist

Lynsey Byrne

Lynsey is a student member of IACP. She currently holds a certificate from IICP in Counselling and Psychotherapy and is almost finished her third year in a four year BSc (HONS) degree in Psychotherapy and Counselling with the same college. 


Lynsey is an integrative training psychotherapist and brings a range of different approaches into the room. Her sessions are both welcoming and affirming whilst creating a therapeutic relationship based on trust, compassion and understanding. 


From Lynsey’s own journey and life experiences, she believes that we are all experts in our own life and have the capabilities to make positive changes with the right guidance and support. She works collaboratively with clients exploring their feelings and choices. She aims to empower each client in making more fulfilling decisions to bring about positive change in their lives. 


Prior to starting her journey into the psychotherapy profession, Lynsey worked in retail and was a volunteer with the mental health charity Aware.  

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