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Low Cost Options

At Glosna we provide a Low Cost Scheme to anyone struggling financially with our team of final year psychotherapy students alongside our team of qualified pre-accredited therapists.


Therapists in this scheme can offer lower rates as they are in the process of completing either their training or accreditation hours. They are supervised regularly by very experienced professionals and are supported by Marie at Glosna and indeed their college supports.


You simple need to ask to access this option and we will ensure your needs will be appropriately met. If for any reason the therapist in training believes your needs our outside their area of experience, they will refer you back to the centre.


Please note: At your initial appointment you will be asked to pay for your first and last sessions, 2 x sessions in total. If each session costs €30, then this will be €60. You will then pay for every session in between as agreed with your therapist at a rate of €30 per session. Your last session is paid for in advance by you on your first session. 


Leave us a message and we'll get back to you.


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What is Counselling & Psychotherapy?

"Having the ability to become friends with yourself is a powerful thing."

— Maybell Eequay

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