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"It's me! Marie Byrne, Glosna House Founder. Our hope is that we provide every visitor with a nurturing space in which to grow their potential. With this in mind & honouring the individual, we offer a wide range of therapies, treatments, experiences, workshops, training courses & wonderfully colourful people in the hope our visitors find what feels right for them. We would love to welcome you . . "

About Glosna

Glosna House is a centre of excellence for support services & has been in operation for over 13 years. It was founded by Registered and Accredited Psychotherapist Marie Byrne who is passionate about the individuals ability to heal & evolve given the right support & environment. We are all unique in our make up and so one size does not fit all. With this in mind Marie believes that finding the right therapist is an integral part of the healing process.

Marie's goal for Glosna was simple; to bring together a team of highly qualified & professional people, offering a wide range of support services, in a healing & welcoming environment. In March 2010 she opened the doors for the first time & 10 years on, she continues to manage the centre with the support of her family and the Glosna Team. 


Our Support Centre is a haven of peace & tranquillity offering our clients a truly welcoming experience. Our private treatment cottages are nestled in nature, surrounded by trees, flower beds, gardens, plant pots, outdoor seating areas and even a calming stream. The beautiful setting combined with our team of highly qualified therapists is what makes Glosna House the unique centre it has grown to be. We offer an experience, not just an appointment.

We would love to welcome you . . 


Glosna House, Ballylehane Lower, Wolfhill, Laois, R14 FK88

087 7693966

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