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Matthew Buggy

Psychology Student (placement)

Matthew Buggy

Matthew is a 3rd year Psychology student at the University of Limerick. He commenced his 6 month practical placement at Glosna in June 2024. Matthew is keen to observe, learn & experience the practical and therapeutic application of psychology in a thriving centre with such a diverse range of therapeutic approaches. 

With a keen interest in Cognitive, Developmental, Social and Clinical Psychology, Matthews aim is explore the wide range of psychotherapy and support services provided by the team at Glosna House. In doing so he hopes to find the area he is most drawn to work within.

As a psychologist, he wants to use psychotherapy to inform a new understanding of psychology. By applying a person-led approach from psychotherapy to his education in psychology, he aims to understand and connect to people on an individual level. He also strives to relate to young people in his work and to demonstrate the benefit of psychology in the lives of young people.

Marie is overseeing & supporting Matthew in his placement at Glosna

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