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David O'Dea


David O'Dea

David is an accredited psychotherapist with the National Association for Professional Counselling and Psychotherapy (NAPCP). He holds a PSI accredited BA Degree in Psychology (QQI Level 8) and Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy (QQI Level 9). David is an experienced social care practitioner with experience working with children and adolescents with complex emotional needs and individuals with addiction issues.  

David uses an Integrative and Humanistic approach, and endeavours to support the needs of each client. He provides a non-judgemental and welcoming space for clients to explore their individual life situations. David holds the belief that every client has the ability to foster change in their own lives and he works alongside clients to reach their full potential.

David engages in regular supervision and is committed to delivering the highest standard of care with clients. Holding the belief that all individuals are unique and possess the potential for positive growth, David is dedicated to providing his clients with a professional, non-judgemental and supportive environment.

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