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Anna Venegas

Pre Accredited Psychotherapist

Anna Venegas

Anna has completed her degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy with ICHAS. Her stream/speciality is in adolescent therapy (14 years upwards.) Additionally Anna holds certificates in Suicide Intervention, Working with Trauma, CBT, DBT & REBT. She holds a diploma in psychology.


Anna understands that life can be challenging and unpredictable, and when facing difficulties or life stressors, it is understandable for our life to unravel at times. It has been her passion to help others who have been through traumatic and stressful experience and help them find the strength to get through it. She is a volunteer in SOSAD suicide prevention.


Anna believes that there is no one approach to every individual, and therefore has also trained in DBT, CBT, and REBT to tailor to the individual client. Her aim is to provide a confidential and non-judgemental space, helping clients to identify, come to terms with problems and work towards reaching their goals.

Whilst Anna completes her degree, she also actively attends various webinars and workshops, as well as being a member of counselling tutor, to improve her skills.

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