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Clare Cranwell

Solar Sound Healer

Clare Cranwell

Clare Cranwell has worked with Gary Collins the founder of the Jade Sun School for nearly twenty years . The Jade Sun School syllabus trains the human “I” in the art and science of becoming fully human.  It is designed to awaken the inner wisdom of the human heart in a way that true individuality is born.  True individuality allows us to experience complete independent sovereignty in our being and at the same time one hearted connectedness with all of life. This is a journey that Clare has started, is committed to and witnesses the truth unfoldment within her own being.  A Solar Sound Healer is trained to feel the truth of the human soul’s essence. Clare communicates this knowledge to the client via a process of intuitive sounding. Her VOICE, bears witness, to the perfectly healed place at the heart of the human soul. Anything from simple meditation, deep breathing to sacred fire ceremony may be recommended and/or tailored to the client’s needs and comfort. Clare is looking forward to offering this work for those who want to heal and transform their being.

Clare Cranwell was certified as a Level 2 Qi Gong Instructor on 9th September 2019 and is a registered instructor with the Jade Sun School of Tai Qi and Qi Gong. Clare teaches simple but powerful methods of core Qi Gong practices. The Qi Gong method may take on different emphasis like sitting form, standing form or moving methods. Some movements focus on increasing deep calmness, others focus on movement and releasing of stagnant or even sick energies. Most holistic approaches will include all of the above. The Qi Gong taught is simple, gentle, and powerful. It strengthens and opens the flow of Qi, and helps the release of sick Qi. It also has a subtle spiritual influence which awakens deep compassion for ourselves and others. The Qi Gong method is protecte

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