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Claire Boland


Claire Boland

Having returned to college, from the world of business and motherhood, Claire completed a first class BA in Counselling and Psychotherapy with ICHAS ( Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences) at Griffith College in Dublin. She qualified with distinction & was awarded student of the year. She has worked in a voluntary capacity with organisations such as AWARE & Domestic Abuse Portlaoise and has a particular interest in supporting those suffering with depression, anxiety, loss of identity through trauma and relationship difficulties.


Claire has a particular interest in working with clients from a pluralistic perspective. Because each client is unique, each client needs different things from therapy. This collaborative integrative approach to therapy allows the therapist to draw from a number of interventions in the process of finding the most effective way to help. A key element of the pluralistic approach is shared decision making: talking to clients about what they want from therapy, and how they might most effectively be helped to get there.


Claire is an accredited member of the APCP (Association of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists in Ireland) and the ACP. She attends regular personal therapy. Has regular supervision and has undertaken numerous extracurricular courses in pursuit of better understanding the many innovative ways of working in therapy.

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