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Readings with Clare Mansfield

Clare Mansfield works full-time as a Primary School Principal. She is also a qualified Personal & Business Life Coach, an Integrated Energy Therapist Master Instructor & IET Trainer, Course Facilitator & Author of “Away with the Fairies – A Fairy’s Guide to True Love”.

Clare is passionate about helping others to feel happier and on purpose in their lives. She facilitates workshops at Glosna alongside therapist training. During the summer months she offers one to one sessions offering Card Readings. To book a Card Reading with Clare call or text her on 087 7670801.

Angel Card Reading €60

Angel Card Readings are a beautiful source of inspiration, comfort, guidance and healing. Readings are very therapeutic and an easy way to learn how to work with the angels. The loving messages help to alleviate worries, concerns and negative thinking.

The angels want us to know that love and joy is within our reach and that we can learn to live with peace and understanding. They represent H.O.P.E. as they Happily Offer Positive Encouragement. By bringing angels into our lives we become more compassionate and optimistic.

Your angels have messages that can help you heal every area of your life. You can receive angelic answers and guidance about your love life, career, health, family and whatever else you would like guidance about. All messages are positive and supportive since the angels always counsel us from a place of love

Soul Card Reading €60

The purpose of an intuitive reading is to help a client to understand where they are at and to help them in moving forward. An intuitive reading helps a person to heal as they receive gentle guidance from their higher self.

When I give an intuitive reading, I begin by asking the client’s date of birth. I then decipher their Sun Sign by using my knowledge of Astrology and their Life Code Energy by using Numerology. This gives me a broad insight into their general life pattern, personality traits, relationship preferences and what jobs would best suit their energy. I gently give them the information that feels right for their overall character as I get a feel for their energy.

I then close my eyes and tune in. I relax and allow myself to receive messages for the client. When I feel connected, I receive messages as thoughts, stories or images. Sometimes I ask broad questions in my mind about family, friends, jobs, money, health or love and wait for the answers that come to me. I tune in to pick up on the person’s inner world, thoughts, feelings and motivations.

It is important to remain calm and unattached to the outcome when having an intuitive reading. Information and energy can be received from a place of non-judgement when we feel calm and centred. Guidance from spirit is always loving, pure, helpful and supportive.

I finish a session with a soul card reading. The client picks a selection of cards which we then interpret. I allow the cards to tell the story. It always amazes me how the cards carry the energy of the client and how we always pick the exact combination of cards pertinent to our life situation.  

Life Purpose Reading €60

Treat yourself to this powerful life-enhancing reading. Through a Life Purpose Reading, you will learn what it is you are here to embrace and clarify what gives you that feeling of passion. By uncovering our passions, we become fully engaged each and every day into living a purposeful life. That itself is the purpose of life!

Happiness occurs spontaneously when we are feeling on purpose in our lives. It is a natural by-product of purposeful action or activity. When you are living on purpose, life feels more harmonious; we naturally experience more abundance and we feel healthier and happier.

Clare works as a Life Coach, teacher and Holistic Healer and she is passionate about helping others to feel happier and on purpose in their lives. Clare will guide you through some questions so as to gain insight into your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. This Life Purpose exploration session helps you to drop from your head to your heart. By tuning into our feelings, we can uncover our passions.

Using the “Wheel of Life” and “Life Purpose” oracle cards, you will receive the answers you are meant to receive to help, support and guide you at this time. The Law of Attraction ensures that each answer matches the vibration of the area you are asking about. You will learn what you need to release; the talents you have to embrace and how to take things one step at a time.

This exciting reading will bring clarity, guidance and insight into many areas of your life: family, social life, romance, career, money, health, self development and much more! Find out if you are to be a: healer, spiritual teacher, artist, parent, writer, speaker, leader . . .


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"To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." ~ Buddha

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