Glosna House Holistic Centre

'Glosna' translates to fertile place'  

Meet our team . . .

Marie Byrne MIAHIP, Reg. ICP - Glosna Founder, Psychotherapist & Group Facilitator

Marie graduated in 2009 as a humanistic & integrative psychotherapist and set about creating a centre in the midlands that promoted self acceptance, growth and well-being on every level. In March 2010 she founded Glosna House Holistic Centre.
In addition to overseeing Glosna, Marie runs her private psychotherapy practice offering weekly one to one sessions at the centre. She is a fully accredited member of The Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapists. All IAHIP accredited psychotherapists are fully qualified and experienced practitioners. She is also registered with The Irish Council for Psychotherapy - ICP. Marie creates & facilitates weekly support groups, meditation classes & workshops encouraging personal growth, self acceptance and letting go. Marie continues to work part time as a case manager for Towards Healing, an organisation that offers support services to survivors of clerical & institutional abuse.
Before qualifying as a psychotherapist, Marie spent a large proportion of her career within the communication industry, in sales management and training positions. She worked for AIB, 2020 Logistics, Vodafone, Irish Broadband, The Sitel Corporation to name a few. Marie is passionate about animal welfare and currently 4 adopted furry friends live with her and her partner in Glosna. She volunteers and fundraises regularly for various SPCA's and is also a proud Foster Carer for the LSPCA

Marie works in an integrative, humanistic and trans-personal way with clients, honouring all parts of the person, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. She incorporates creative expression into her work and believes that each person has the ability to heal themselves and that self acceptance is key to bringing about positive change.

Sancha Maher - Centre Manager

Sancha, a Laois native from Stradbally joined the Glosna team late 2018. Sancha comes from a family business background which she ran for over 9 years alongside her parents. 

She has a passion for the Holistic Approach, Healing, Sound Therapy and the colourful world of therapies. With this in mind (and in her heart) she decided it was time to make a career change and so threw caution to the wind and applied for a position at Glosna. She has since secured the role of centre manager. 

Sancha (like everyone in Glosna and yes it is a requirement!) loves animals and has 3 rescue dogs (Princess, Jess & Ruari) of her own who she enjoys walking and spending time with. She is a wonderful singer although she may be shy to admit it and loves nothing more than a live music session. Her love of music runs through everything she does (she has been known to pick up the violin or sit down at the piano every now and then) and if there was a theme playlist to her life it would defiantly feature the 80's very heavily. 

She studied Business and Administration in Carlow which she puts to great use managing such a busy centre. Sancha is looking forward to welcoming you to Glosna. She is always at the end of the phone to offer support & advice to clients on what might work best for them or of course she is available in person at the reception desk. Pop in and say hello!

Fiona Brennan - Holistic Therapist & Healer

Fiona, a Laois native, joined the Glosna team in October 2014 as the centre manager. Fiona co-ordinated the day to day operations and was generally amazing for over 4 years!
Fiona’s background is in management; she has a wealth of experience in running client focused programmes and applied this experience and knowledge to where her passion lies, holistic well-being whilst running Glosna.  Fiona decided to put her focus more into her One to One client work and is now seeing clients as opposed to managing the centre (lucky clients!) 

Fiona is an Intuitive Healer with a natural ability, she is a certified Angel Guidance & Healing Practitioner & Rahanni Celestial Healer. In addition she is also holds a Fetac Level 5 in Nutrition & Health. She received her qualification in Holistic Massage in 2016 as she continues to grow & evolve as a holistic practitioner having completed a range of additional training courses since then. Fiona is passionate about self-sufficiency and sustainability and along with her partner & son grows her own fruit and vegetables; her dream is to live fully off the land.
An animal lover, Fiona’s little gats Minya & Pa Peto, are an important part of her life and she loves to spend time snuggling them!
Liz Hutton - MIAHIP, Reg. ICP, Psychotherapist
Liz is a qualified Integrative and Humanistic Psychotherapist who trained with the Tivoli Institute, Dun Laoghaire. She is a fully accredited member of The Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapists. All IAHIP accredited psychotherapists are fully qualified and experienced practitioners.
In her work with clients Liz uses a humanistic and integrative approach, embracing psychodynamic & person-centred styles, which she tailors to suit individual client needs. 
Liz continues to broaden her approach and has trained in mindful psychotherapy in addition to a range of continuous professional training courses including Trauma Training with Babette Rothchild. Liz is an affiliate psychotherapist with Towards Healing, an organisation that offers support services to survivors of clerical & institutional abuse. For more on their services and eligibility please click HERE.
Working from the belief that all human beings are unique and have the potential for positive growth, Liz aims to provide her clients with a professional, non-judgmental, supportive and safe environment.
Fiona A'Hearne - Intuitive Healer & Card Reader

Fiona is originally from Dungarvan in County Waterford and she has a genuine passion, a deep understanding & a natural insight into the holistic world, especially healing intuitively and through spirit. From an early age she has known of her healing gifts and believed deep inside that her path was to develop and use these gifts to support others.  Fiona has helped many on their journeys over the years as her gifts have developed & become stronger.

Fiona has followed her life path of healing intuitively and instinctively but has also trained as a Rahanni Celestial Healer and is a certified Angel Guidance & Healing Practitioner.

Through her own life experiences, Fiona finds it natural to connect and relate to the pain many people are experiencing, physically and or emotionally. It is in these connected experiences, these relationships that Fiona believes her gifts and intuition grows & develops. Fiona's manta is "nothing is permanent in this world, not even our troubles."

Fiona offers a range of healing experiences to clients: Hands on Intuitive Healing, Angel Card Guidance/Reading, Rahanni Healing & Angelic Healing. She trusts that if she is meant to work with you, to support you & to learn from you, that she will welcome you to Glosna soon.
Catherine McMahon - Teacher & Facilitator at Glosna.

Catherine McMahon is founder of The Spiritual Light Academy. The Spiritual Light Academy provides accredited certified training and is recognised by IPHM (The Holistic Accreditation Board).  She offers practitioner training, teacher training as well as a range of spiritual  development courses.

Catherine McMahon has been involved in the field of natural medicine since 1993. She has studied many different avenues of natural health care including kinesiology, bio testing and different energy therapies such as Reiki. 

She now mainly focuses on energy work, clinical herbal medicine, functional medicine and naturopathy. She teaches different energy healing modalities as well as gives talks, sharing her knowledge on how to naturally prevent and support the body during illness. 

She runs Healthy By Nature, a successful herbal medicine clinic and also The Spiritual Light Academy where accredited professional training can be sought in various types of energy healing.

Gemma Lalor - Creative Healer, Artist & Group Facilitator

Hi! My name is Gemma and I am a Creative Healer. My treatments that I offer in Glosna House are Sound Healing Therapy, Bio Energy Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy, Angelic Healing, Rahanni Celestial Healing, Crystal Healing, Reiki Healing, Numerology Reading and Energy Reading.  My aim as a Creative Healer is to work with my clients in helping them find their true potential. I love to work on clearing any old stagnant energy that is not serving any purpose and removing any blockages that are holding my clients back. My goal is to empower my clients so they have their own tools necessary to move forward with confidence in life. 

As an Artist who works from my own imagination I love to inspire other people to use theirs.  I work intuitively and tailor each of my treatments to suit my clients needs as we are all so unique in our own way. I like to bring a sense of creativity to my treatments and workshops. I believe getting back to our creativity and using our imaginations is very important with helping us express ourselves and creating new possibilities in our lives.

I am able to feel energy, vibrations and frequency as well as emotions and I see how emotions and frequency's affect our bodies and minds. I am very passionate about music and the healing benefits of music and that is why I love to work with the Tibetan Singing Bowls. I think if we begin to understand how our bodies are affected by our emotions and minds we will begin to unlock the secrets to our happiness and health and put ourselves back on the right frequency for a more fulfilling life.


I am very passionate about energy healing as it is important to give ourselves the space to clear out the old and stuck energy to make room for us to move forward in life with a clear mind, body and heart..

Siobhan McCabe - MIAHIP Reg. ICP - Psychotherapist

Siobhan is a qualified Psychotherapist who did her training with the Tivoli Institute in Dun Laoghaire. She is a fully accredited member of the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapists. (IAHIP) and registered with the Irish Council of Psychotherapy.


In her work with clients Siobhan aims to create a safe, understanding and non-judgemental space where her clients feel free to explore whatever is troubling them. She believes that the quality of the therapeutic relationship is of central importance to the healing process. Because of this her approach would mainly be Person-Centred incorporating aspects of the Psychodynamic, Gestalt and Psychosynthesis models.


By using this integrative and creative way of working, clients get an opportunity to understand and bring to the fore elements of their unconscious that are affecting his or her conscious thoughts, feelings and behaviour in the present.


Siobhan continues to expand and extend her training through professional development courses. She completed a post grad training with the Rape Crisis Centre and has experience of working with people who have experienced sexual violence and abuse.

Rita Forte Delaney – Holistic Therapist and Registered Reflexologist.

Hi, my name is Rita and I'm thrilled to be part of The Glosna Team. My main focus is to provide you with the upmost client care and tailor treatments to suit you! I am qualified in a wide range of therapies so adapt treatments in line with what your body and soul needs.  Managing stress is a factor in our busy lives and as such I am a firm believer that having time out for ourselves is vital. As a holistic therapist, I am committed to continued professional development to add to my suite of services regularly. I am fully qualified in Reflexology, Holistic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Ear Candling, Indian Head Massage and Holistic Facial Massage.

Being part of The Cuisle Team in Portlaoise and working with those affected by cancer and their families is a very rewarding feeling and as a therapist. I believe it's so important to be able to give back if we can as the feeling of gratitude makes us grow more as a person. As a Reflexologist I am a member of IRI - The Irish Reflexology Institute of Ireland. As a member my clients have an opportunity if they hold private health care cover to claim back some of their costs. This however must be checked with your health care provider as all provide different cover. I also hold the award of excellence with VTCT. Overall my main focus is you! So whether you are a regular client or just looking for a little time out....I guarantee you will feel relaxed, rejuvenated & refreshed after a treatment with me. 

Emer Murphy - Psychotherapist

Emer is a fully qualified Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapist having obtained her qualification from the Tivoli Institute, Dun Laoghaire in 2014. She then opted to complete a further year of training, finishing in 2015 in order to advance her qualification for accreditation purposes with IAHIP.

Emer's background practice is in Psychiatric Nursing where she has worked alongside people experiencing mental health difficulties in both hospital and community settings for several years.

She believes the core values and principles underpinning humanistic and integrative psychotherapy such as embracing a person centered approach complement and build upon her original nurse training.

When engaging with clients, Emer aims to always keep the client at the centre of the work and to offer full respect to who they are as an individual and the history, beliefs, experiences and views they hold. Working from a humanistic and integrative perspective also means that Emer values and supports the concept of a person’s unique potential to grow, develop awareness and initiate change in their own lives in a way that is meaningful to them.  Emer aims to support clients in achieving their goals by creating a therapeutic space together with them that is safe, empathic and non-judgemental in approach.

Emer is also committed to ongoing learning and development as a therapist and is currently engaged in a professional training course in the area of Sexual Health Promotion.

Connie McGee - Holistic Therapist & Fertility Massage Therapist

Connie is qualified in a wide range of Holistic Therapies. She is a strong believer that if we look after our body, mind, emotional and spiritual selves in unison, we will have a more fulfilled and healthy life.  Her holistic treatments aim to rejuvenate the client in a holistic way to facilitate a return to harmony & balance. She treats all clients as individuals and tailors her treatments to suit their personal needs.

She is fully qualified Fertility Massage Therapist and is also fully qualified in Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Holistic Facial, Pregnancy and Post Partum Massage. Connie is also now fully qualified in reflexology and Indian Head Massage as she is committed to continued professional development.

Just to note Fertility Massage Therapy is a nourishing blend of techniques, that when combined brings harmony and balance to the Reproductive, Digestive and Sacral areas. This therapy also helps clients to reawaken and reconnect to their bodies especially their womb. This is a passion of Connie's and  treatment that she prides herself in.

When not working or studying she likes nothing more than to spend time with her family running around after her little boy. She also loves to read and finds herself getting lost in a good novel. She is thrilled to be part of the Glosna team and looks forward to welcoming you soon for a treatment
Mark Redmond - MIAHIP Reg. ICP - Psychotherapist

Mark is a qualified Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapist who trained for 4 years at the Dublin Counselling and Therapy Centre, Gardiner St. He is a fully accredited member of The Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP) and registrant of the Irish Council for Psychotherapy (ICP).


Support is an essential part of psychotherapy and Mark offers to accompany a person on their journey.  As a therapist, Mark aims to facilitate a person’s personal growth and troubling issues are seen as opportunities for such growth and development.


He endeavours to offer, a safe supportive therapeutic space, to be non-judgemental, listen empathically and be authentic in his presence - which the Humanistic approach believes, encourages a person’s own healing potential.  Since the Humanistic approach is holistic, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person are all considered by Mark in sessions. He especially likes working with the dreams and nightmares.

Mark is currently in his second year training in ‘Creating Therapeutic Structures Based on Myth for Groups – using the Paul Rebillot approach’. 

Rhona Kelly – Award Winning Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Facilitator & Energy Worker

Rhona began her journey in the field of beauty & massage over 11 years where she gained invaluable knowledge and experience working with clients on a one to one basis. She felt a change of direction was needed and began her education in the world of Holistic Therapies. This is an on-going journey for Rhona as she continues to learn and develop as a Holistic Therapist. She has worked with clients in a variety of spas and salons throughout Ireland but her heart is now firmly in working for herself and seeing clients in her County Dublin location and now also in Glosna House.

Rhona is wholeheartedly passionate about the benefits of Holistic Therapies (particularly when combined with psychotherapy as an entire holistic approach to a person’s wellbeing.) Rhonas’s own life experience taught her that you can heal your body and mind from the inside out using a mixture of holistic therapies and psychotherapy. 

Rhona is an award-winning masseuse who has a great passion for massage and energy work. She believes and feels that this combination of the two gives a person an amazing healing experience. Her treatments are designed with this in mind and at the forefront of all she does is a combination of massage, energy work & Japanese acupressure. 

Rhona has travelled to India on many occasions to train in Japa Yoga (mantra meditation) and Sivananda Yoga (a combination of breath work, yoga postures and vegetarian diet.) She has been teaching Yoga & Meditation for many years. She is constantly looking for new ways to treat the body and is fascinated by how our body’s can work FOR US when we treat it right.

Rhonas One to One Treatments at Glosna work on the 7 main energy centres in the body through, hand on touch (massage), energy work (Reiki) and Japanese Acupressure. She would love to work with you at Glosna House and offer a wide range of treatments.

Rhona is available by advanced appointment only at Glosna, to book please call 0877693966. 

Edel McCormack - Psychotherapist MIACP

Edel graduated in 2010 as a Person-Centred therapist. Edel offers weekly one to one sessions. She is a fully accredited member of IACP and has almost 10 years’ experience as a Psychotherapist.

Before qualifying as a Psychotherapist, Edel spent time working as a secondary school teacher, teaching History and Religion. She then spent 5 years in Kolkata, India working with street children and children from slum dwellings. Alongside this work, Edel also learned Reiki, Meditation and Mindfulness while in India. Upon her return from India, Edel worked with the De la Salle Brothers in Castletown, Portlaoise; delivering school retreats to young people. She has also facilitated groups particularly in the area of Mindfulness, Self-Care and Deep Inner Reflection.

Edels counselling approach is collaborative, developing a trusting relationship with clients in order to help them explore their thoughts, feelings and difficulties. She incorporates all the mindfulness principles into her work…present moment awareness, non-judgement, and an acceptance of where the client is at . She values the uniqueness of each person and sees the potential for each individual to achieve meaning and purpose in their lives. Her therapeutic approach will be tailored to most effectively meet the client’s individual needs.

Joan Mc Cabe Breen - Holistic Therapist

Hi I am Joan! My background lies in military medicine. I’ve served the last 21 years in the Defence Forces, qualifying as a paramedic in 2006 and have recently retired from Service.

My journey into the holistic world began in 2011 when I enrolled onto a Reiki workshop, qualifying as a Reiki Master in 2013. I’ve since trained as a Massage Therapist specialising in the following massage treatments; Holistic, Pregnancy, Indian-Head, Deep Tissue, Bamboo, Oncology and Lymphatic Drainage Massage. I also offer organic facials, ear-candling and energy therapies such as Reiki and Rahanni.


I believe in being able to stand behind the therapies that I offer so I have only ever trained in treatments that I have both experienced and love myself! As a professional, I am a member of both the Reiki Federation of Ireland (RFI) and the Irish Massage Therapists Association (IMTA). I’m often asked “why do you do what you do”? And my reply is usually along the lines of “I have chosen this line of work because I know how good I always feel when I have taken the time out to have my own massage, energy healing or other therapy”. My moto is “self-care is not a selfish act; it’s a mark of self-respect”!


From a personal prospective I’ve spent years cultivating my own mindfulness and meditation practice, sitting on the meditation cushion keeps me grounded, focused and above all present with whatever is going on in my life. As a therapist I am passionate about being centered in myself which in turn is reflected in the client-therapist space.


I provide massage therapy to various special needs facilities and also volunteer Oncology Massage and energy treatments in the Cuisle Centre, Portlaoise. Being of service is important to me and allows me to enjoy a deeper satisfaction in the work that I do.

Mary Connolly - Psychotherapist MIACP

Mary is a humanistic and integrative Psychotherapist with an Honours Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy. She qualified in 2014 from PCI College and is a fully accredited member of IACP.

Mary works with clients seeking clarity and peace in their lives as well as those fighting addiction and relationship disharmony.

Mary believes that every human being has a right to happiness and peace and that the ability to achieve this is very much within the client’s power to achieve. 

Coming to counselling for the first time can be a daunting experience. Mary offers a supportive, non judgemental and collaborative space for her clients to welcome them and give them the courage to share. Believing in yourself is a gateway to achieving wonderful things.

Rebekah Carroll - Art Psychotherapist and Art Facilitator

Rebekah is a qualified Art Psychotherapist with a MsC in Art Psychotherapy, BA (hons) in Applied Social Care and is a qualified counsellor with  the  Bereavement Counselling Association of Ireland. She is also an accredited member of the Association of Child Art Psychotherapists and a pre-accredited member of the Irish Association of Creative Therapists. In addition to her work in Glosna House, Rebekah currently works as a Child Art Psychotherapist with Tusla in the north inner city,  and School Completion  in Curragh and Kildare.


Rebekah has  always had an interest and love of people and art and worked as a Community Artist and as a Social Care Worker for over twenty five years using art and creativity as a therapeutic medium with children, teenagers and adults both individually and in groups and from all backgrounds. Art Psychotherapy can help to explore feelings and reconcile emotional conflicts and hurts while fostering self-awareness and enhancing self-esteem.


Rebekah believes in the power of accessing the unconscious through  art and creativity and that it can works for us all as a powerful healing agent to improve our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, regardless of our age, especially when it can be difficult to talk.

Creativity can permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist….. in being creative the individual discovers the self.

Nadine Ashe - Psychotherapist

Clare Mansfield - Holistic Healer, Life & Soul Coach, Facilitator & Published Author B.Ed. IETMI

Clare Mansfield works full-time as a Primary School Principal. She is also a qualified Personal & Business Life Coach, an Integrated Energy Therapist Master Instructor and IET Trainer, Course Facilitator of “Letting Love In” & Author of “Away with the Fairies – A Fairy’s Guide to True Love”.

Her love is dabbling in, exploring and sharing her passion of holistic therapies with like-minded people. She initially qualified as a Personal and Business Life Coach back in 2009. While working with clients she found herself very drawn to what their subconscious energy was telling her so she went about learning more about her intuitive side. She went to Arthur Findlay College in London to study Clairvoyant & Trance Medium-ship so as to better understand herself and her highly sensitive side.

She discovered a whole new world within when she started to see, sense and receive guidance and wisdom from guides and angels. She was shown how to energetically remove fear and negativity from her life and how to live her dream life of love, passion and integrity.

Clare realised her healing instincts and explored the healing modality called “Integrated Energy Therapy” when she trained as a Master Instructor with the founder Stevan Thayer. She loves training others in this discipline as it helps her every day to manage her emotions and release negative energies while imprinting positive new empowerments in their place. IET is often known as “Healing with the Angels” as it is so gentle and loving. Clare also practises “Access Bars Consciousness” which she finds is a fantastic therapy to release unwanted thoughts or old limiting beliefs on a mental level. It clears the mind on a deep level. After a session it feels like the computer screen of your mind has been wiped clean – like deleting old, unwanted files off a computer.

When learning, growing and developing, Clare wrote and has recently published her first book called “Away with the Fairies – A Fairy’s Guide to True Love”. It is a book about joyful loving. It shows how each of us can learn to heal ourselves, trust in ourselves and follow our hearts. Living authentically by acknowledging, accepting and loving our true selves is the best path to lasting love and happiness. By knowing and loving our true selves and having a sense of purpose, we find ourselves energetically in the right place to enjoy romantic love. How we see ourselves and how we relate in the world influences who and what we attract to us. Become a magnet for the love you want to receive! Clare is happily married to Shane and they live in Kilkenny. Clare is delighted to be a part of the Glosna Team.

Claire McEvoy – Holistic Therapist & Sports Injury Specialist

Claire studied both Holistic Health Therapy and Sports Injury therapy for two years and has since gone on to train in a range of holistic treatments. She has a huge passion for all things holistic and believes in treating each client as an individual, working on a physical, emotional and spiritual level & tailoring treatments accordingly. She is animal mad and loves her dogs and is particularly attached to her little dinky dog.
When she is not working its very likely that she is off walking in nature somewhere with her beloved dogs. She also plays soccer for the local St Anne’s club and describes herself as a home bird who loves being around her family.
Claire is trained in Holistic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Injury Massage, Injury Treatment Massage with Kinesiology Taping,  Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Chinese Deep Tissue Cupping Massage, Bamboo Massage, Hopi Ear Candling & Pre and Post Natal Massage. She is a fully qaulified Advanced Sports Injury Therapist and is delighted to be part of the team at Glosna and looks forward to working with you.