Glosna House Support Centre

'Glosna' translates to fertile place'  

Transformational Life Coaching

with Claire Kelly

Life coaching is a support service offering a relationship between a coach and client where they explore the client’s current reality and where they ultimately want to be. They will then work together to navigate a course of action to achieve the desired change. It can be any area of life, and goal, any dream. The relationship offers a safe, confidential, positive space for the client and will provide the accountability, encouragement and guidance needed as they go about their transformation.

Some people seek coaching as they have clear changes they want to make in their lives and need support through it. For others, they simply feel 'stuck', with no clarity as to why they feel this way, just a strong desire to change something. Coaching can help you with both of these - whether it is to take real action towards a goal you already have identified or to help you unlock your purpose, potential and/or heart’s desires.

Coaching will also support you as you navigate your way towards achieving your goals and dreams, helping you to overcome any challenges you may face. It will help you to identify and break free of limiting beliefs and negative patterns that have previously prevented your growth, progress and change. Instead, you will connect with your values, purpose, authenticity and expand your belief system. It ultimately will support you in living a life that is more true to you and to SHINE!!!

What can Life Coaching help with?

The key to a successful coaching experience is to embrace it and remember you and your journey are unique! With coaching, you set the agenda and the pace so each coaching experience is individual to the person. Whatever your goal or desire, coaching can offer the space, guidance, encouragement and support you need. 

Here are some of the key areas that coaching can help with. 

  • You want to create the life you truly want & become the owner of your story
  • You wish to discover and/or nurture your life purpose and hearts desires
  • You have a goal, dream, vision and seek support to bring it to life
  • You feel stuck, overwhelmed, disconnected or burnt out
  • You want to feel empowered to overcome any challenges that get in the way of you living your best life
  • You need help letting love in - practicing self worth, self love, and self care
  • You wish to manage stress and work- life balance
  • You want to develop your own business or make changes in your career
  • You believe you can't make change and need to challenge self-limiting beliefs and unlock your full potential
  • You need support to simply take a first step to a great, big, wonderful adventure

What can you expect?

To work together with your Coach in a safe, positive, confidential space. They will be fully committed to you and your transformation process as you go about creating the changes you desire in your life.

Your coach will guide you with powerful questions, feedback and actions and will always work at your pace and to your agenda. Some people value gentle steering and guidance, where others will appreciate a more challenging approach. Your story is unique and personal, so how you work is up to you.

A coaching session last 60 minutes. Depending on your own personal goals, coaching can typically take anywhere from 6 to 20 weeks (more often than not, 12 sessions is the golden number). In your first session, you will be invited to explore what has led you to coaching and to take a look at your current situation and visions or goals. From there, you and your Coach will be able to work out together what your relationship will look like and how long it may last.

Throughout your coaching and transformational journey, you will experience wonderful insights, casting aside limiting beliefs and barriers that have been holding you back. You will gain clarity, confidence and will experience so many magical moments as your light starts to shine bright.

All you need to do is take the first small step....

What does Life Coaching cost?

A 60 minute session is €65 and is typically a short term support service (approximately 12 weeks).

More about Claire . . . . 

Claire is a qualified Transformational Life Coach who trained with the Mindful Talent Coaching Academy and is a member of the Association for Coaching of Ireland. She is also certified in ‘The Science of Well Being’ and ‘The Therapeutic Use of Mindfulness’.

Claire is passionate about helping people to realise their value and unlock their full potential. Working from the belief that we all have the answers within, Claire offers a safe, positive, space with a heart centred approach to coaching (because we all need more love, compassion and kindness in our lives). She offers the space and time for her clients to tune in to themselves as she guides them through their transformation process as they go about creating the changes they desire in their lives.

Before training as a Life Coach, Claire underwent her own transformational journey after years of feeling ‘lost’, ‘stuck in a rut’ and ‘not living her life as she wanted’. Through study and her own life experience, she was saddened at how many people felt this way and set about training to support and encourage others to live their dreams, action their goals and makes the changes they longed for.

Founder of ‘The Happy Tree Coaching’ Claire believes that at any moment in time (like a tree) anyone can ‘turn over a new leaf’. As a coach, she will help you bloom and flourish.