Glosna House Holistic Centre

'Glosna' translates to fertile place'  

Healing Therapies . . .

Healing experiences are unique to each individual and at Glosna your therapist will work with you on an individual basis and this could include recommendations for aftercare. At the heart of healing experiences at Glosna is just that . . . heart.

We all need kindness, compassion and care in our lives and this forms the foundation of all healing experiences with us, we would love to welcome you. A warm soft massage table lets you rest while you are receiving the healing and you are clothed.  If you are not sure which type of healing you would like to try, just call us for a chat. 

"Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion." ~ Buddha

Some of the benefits of healing include:

More Energy, Calmness, Stress Reduction, Clarity, Improved bodily functions, Better Sleep, More Self Compassion, Peace and Joy

Sound Therapy Healing

1 Hour Session €50

Angelic Healing

1 Hour Session €50

Rahanni Celestial Healing

1 Hour Session €50

Bio Energy Healing

1 Hour Session €50

Integrated Energy Therapy

1 Hour Session €50

Crystal Healing

1 Hour Session €50

Atlantean Healing

1 Hour Session €50

Reiki Healing

1 Hour Session €50

Magnified Healing

1 Hour Session €50

Energy Healing for Addiction

1 Hour Session €50

Energy Healing for Kids

1 Hour Session €50

The Mama & Baby Healing

1 Hour Session €50

Intuitive Healing with Fiona A'Hearne

1 Hour Session €60

Rahanni/Angelic Healing with Fiona A'Hearne

1 Hour Session €60

Reading with Fiona A'Hearne

1 Hour Session €60

Angel Guidance Reading

1 Hour Session €50

Numerology Reading

1 Hour Session €50

Energy Reading

1 Hour Session €50

  • Sound Healing Therapy
  • The Mamma & Baby Experience
  • Angelic Healing
  • Rahanni Celestial Healing
  • Angel Card Reading
  • Energy Therapy for Addiction (6 x sessions)
  • Bio Energy Healing
  • Integrated Energy Therapy
  • Crystal Healing
  • Numerology Reading
  • Atlantean Healing with Crystals
  • Energy Reading
  • Reiki Healing
  • Soul Card Reading
  • Energy Healing for Kids
  • Life Purpose Card Reading
  • Magnified Healing

Sound Healing Therapy 1 hour session €50

(course of 6 sessions recommended)

Stress reduction is one of the most important results of receiving sound therapy. Stress is the underlying cause of many physical conditions and it melts away with ease when you are bathed in a sea of sound healing vibrations.

Sound Therapy is so effective because it influences our emotional bodies as well as our physical bodies.  Emotional imbalances are at the root of many physical diseases and when we heal our emotional bodies, the physical symptoms disappear.

Sound and emotions are deeply connected. Human emotions have their immediate expression through sound, and it is often the repression of the sound of the emotions that creates emotional blockages. Conversely, sound can be used to unlock the blocked emotions and release them .

The Sound of singing bowls vibrates in a line with meridians in the body and it helps balancing them. It unleashes Kundalini, which sleeps dormant at your root chakra, and it then ascends up the central energy channel along your spine. This can be felt as slight tingling in the muscles if there are any blockages along the energy line.

Here are some of the benefits of receiving a Sound Healing Treatment.
• Affects all cells in your body
• Balances both hemispheres of the brain.
• Cleanses negative energy and emotions
• Connects with your higher self.
• Deep relaxation
• Helps to recover after illness, traumas and invasive medical treatments. 
• Improves sleep
• Increases vital energy flow, creativity, intuition and motivation 
• Soothes, purify and harmonize your emotions and feelings
• Re balances the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies • Helps clear energetic and emotional blockages 
• Bathes you in a cascade of healing sound ,shifting the brain from Beta (waking state) to Theta or Delta (meditation) through the vibrations of the instrument 

The Mama & Baby Healing Experience

1 hour Experience €50

In this healing we honour Motherhood & the bond between Mama & Baby. This experience is for Mama & baby at the same time. The aim is to will bring Mama & Baby into harmony whilst also providing some much needed space, relaxation & TLC for Mama. 

Giving birth can be a traumatic experience so this treatment is designed to bring Mama & Baby back into balance. Motherhood in itself can be traumatic.... it is incredibly rewarding & yet equally challenging so supporting the Mama in this major life transition is central to this experience.

Babies experience everything that the mother experiences while in the womb during pregnancy. They are sensitive to their environment so anything the mother experiences the baby does also. Energy Therapy can support overall wellbeing in babies whilst improving their immune system by strengthening their resistance to common childhood illnesses.

The Mama & Baby will receive 'The Trauma of Birth Healing' and 'DNA Healing.' The Baba will also receive Bio Energy Healing to cleanse & clear the Energy Field. Then Mama & Baby will get to relax in each others arms for the Sound Healing Meditation. The Mama will receive a mini Angel Guidance Reading at the end to give gentle guidance. 

Note: available to babies 12 months and under (within the first year of life)

Bio Energy Healing 1 hour session €50

(course of 4 sessions recommended)

Bio-energy Healing is a healing modality that helps to balance and align the physical body, mental state and emotions. It is a therapeutic, healing approach, which works with the bio-energy field, energy centres and avenues by which energy flows.

Our energy field exists in and around the human body and when the energy is imbalanced it can become trapped and stagnant. This can allow disease or ill health to manifest in the physical body. It is also very important to understand that this effects our emotions, mental and spiritual aspects of the body. The primary aim of the Therapist is to locate the energy imbalances using a series of unique hand movements. Only when the energy has been balanced can the body begin the process of returning to full health. Recommended sessions is 4 treatments as you need to let the energy clear bit by bit and let the memories unlock bit by bit.  
Benefits of Bio Energy Healing.

• Strengthen the immune system.

• Arthritis, joint & back problems.

• Chronic fatigue

• Migraine

• Balance blood pressure

• Clears many viruses

• Correct many common allergies

• Enhance digestion

• Reduce the side effects of medication

• Balance blood sugar metabolism

• Assist in clearing emotional blockages

• Colds & flu

• Improve concentration and memory

• Normalise hormonal cycles

• Restore the body’s energy flow

This treatment is suitable for pregnant people.

Rahanni Celestial Healing 1 hour session €50

Rahanni is a new way of healing and means 'Of One Heart', working from the heart for the heart. Rahanni is a beautiful energy healing that connects to and balances the heart centre opening us up to truth, love and compassion.

We are all pure love & light and when we remember this we don’t want to be anything less. Rahanni Celestial Healing is a hands on healing modality. It is channelled energy which serves to balance the dualities within us all. Rahanni brings the masculine and feminine energies into balance.  It releases the fears which hold us back from living the life we should be living.  When we release the fears and allow love to take over instead we live a completely new and wonderful life. The client's body will decide how much of the healing light is required.

Rahanni works with:

  • Ascended Masters
  • Lord Melchizedek
  • Quan Yin (the Goddess of Love and Compassion)
  • 51 Pink Celestial Angels
  • 7 Mighty Archangels
Many people find their attitudes to life and its problems change for the better as a result of receiving Rahanni Celestial Healing. Rahanni works on a higher vibration and on a much deeper level allowing the healing time to be greatly reduced.

Numerology Reading 1 hour €50

The ancient science of Numerology helps you understand your personality and relationships, reveals future opportunities and obstacles and uncovers your unique, inborn talents. Based on your birth date and birth name, Numerology greatly enhances the way you understand yourself and your life.

Numerology is the universal language of numbers, and each of us was born with a set of numbers unique to us. These numbers unlock the door to the depths of our personality and reveal the way we interact with others, lessons we've yet to learn, opportunities we'll be given and challenges we'll face at specific periods of our lives - or throughout life as a whole.

In Numerology, each single-digit number is seen as having its own unique personality; a range of attributes that is well defined and specific to that number. While there are certain character traits that are shared by multiple numbers, each number's complete personality is entirely unique and easy to recognize.

Readings consist of using the individuals date of birth. The reader will be able to guide the client to where their strengths and weaknesses lye within their numbers. It will give the client guidance to the type of relationships, jobs and life path they have and what passions suit the persons number.

Energy Therapy for Addiction 1 hour €50 

(Course of 6 sessions)

Energy Healing can be offered as a complementary support for addiction recovery from drugs, food or any type of compulsive behaviour that is destructive and detrimental to health. 

By clearing and balancing the energy field and the energetic brain of the client, the benefits will re-boot and reset the clients energy, This allows the energy field to become strong once more,  which in return will support the clients new direction towards choice and change and a better sense of well being.

  • First Treatment will be about assessment of clients energy with medical form and numerology. A cord cutting and heavy energy clearing will be performed along with a Archangel Metatron Clearing.

  • Next 4 treatments will consist of Bio Energy Healing to clear out the clients energy field and to fix the energy body and make it strong and whole again.

  • The 6th treatment will be an Integrated Energy Therapy to release any deep emotions and replacing them with positive ones so the client can move forward with confidence

The client will be supported throughout their journey and given cord cuttings throughout each treatment so their energy is their own.

Atlantean Healing with Crystals 1 Hour Treatment €50 

Atlantean Healing with Crystals is a healing modality that connects with the Ancient Energy of Atlantis and the high vibrational energy of crystals. The focus for the practitioner is to help facilitate relaxation, spiritual growth and emotional cleansing bringing forward balance of the mind, body and spirit. 

Crystal energy integrated with Atlantean Energy is high vibrational and can aid deep relaxation and reduce stress in the energetic body subsequently reducing stress in your physical body. Treatments are tailored to each clients needs and will depend on what you would like to focus on throughout the session. 

There are 4 types of sessions to choose from. All are 60 minutes and combine Atlantean Healing, Crystal Therapy and Angelic Energy. 

1. •Chakra Cleanse, Balance and Activation (Accelerates the body’s natural self-healing ability)

2. •Grounding and Energising (a session to help Increases energy levels. Clears the mind and improves focus)

3. •The Heart Chakra Activation (Nurture your connection with self with a session focusing on Compassion, forgiveness and Self Love)

4. •The Stress and Depression Energy Cleanse (Dissolves energy blocks and helps to clear negative emotions and promotes natural balance between mind, body and spirit)

Integrated Energy Therapy 1 hour session €50 

Integrated Energy Therapy is the art of healing with the loving and pure energy of the angels. IET works to detect and release energy blocks formed by suppressed emotions. Energy blocks lead to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual disorders.

IET is a safe, gentle, nurturing way to release patterns of the past and help you empower and balance your life in the present and helping you to reach for the stars as you evolve into the future.

What you can expect from an IET Session:

During an IET session, in a safe, quiet and relaxed atmosphere, you lie fully clothed on a therapy table while soft soothing music plays in the background. Using gentle therapeutic touch, IET energy vibrations are directed into specific areas of your body that hold blocked emotions. Energy blocks will then be released and cleared through IET power points along the spine. Powerful IET techniques are used to gently get your issues out of your tissues.

At the end of an IET session it is typical to feel a sense of peace, relaxed, recharged, refreshed and ready to make life changes to regain your happiness.

Intuitive Healing &/or Card Reading with Fiona A'Hearne €60 per hour (by advanced appointment only)

Fiona is originally from Dungarvan in County Waterford and she has a genuine passion, a deep understanding & a natural insight into the holistic world, especially healing intuitively and through spirit. From an early age she has known of her healing gifts and believed deep inside that her path was to develop and use these gifts to support others.  Fiona has helped many on their journeys over the years as her gifts have developed & become stronger.

Fiona has followed her life path of healing intuitively and instinctively but has also trained as a Rahanni Celestial Healer and is a certified Angel Guidance & Healing Practitioner.

Through her own life experiences, Fiona finds it natural to connect and relate to the pain many people are experiencing, physically and or emotionally. It is in these connected experiences, these relationships that Fiona believes her gifts and intuition grows & develops. Fiona's manta is "nothing is permanent in this world, not even our troubles."

Fiona offers a range of healing experiences to clients: Hands on Intuitive Healing, Angel Card Guidance/Reading, Rahanni Healing & Angelic Healing. She trusts that if she is meant to work with you, to support you & to learn from you, that she will welcome you to Glosna soon.

Crystal Healing 1 hour session €50

Crystal healing can help us heal all kinds of issues such as pain and chronic illnesses, emotional and psycho-spiritual challenges, toxin release; it can help us enhance mental clarity and focus. Crystal healing supports and enhances self-awareness and mindfulness.

During a Crystal Healing the intention is to work with you to help you release any blockages that are holding you back. The goal is to bring your mind, body and soul back into balance. This will be achieve this by using cards, crystal grids, pendulum and individual crystals to suit your needs.

Benefits of crystal healing

1. Crystal healing restores the flow and balance of energy in the body and mind.

2. By restoring the energy balance in our body and life, Crystal Healing releases the imbalances or blockages in our bodies, mind and lives.

3. Crystal healing cleanses our energy body i.e. our aura and it balances all our energy centers i.e. chakras.

4. By balancing the energy body and removing energy blocks, crystal healing helps in healing all kinds of issues and problems in life like chronic pains and illnesses, trauma, stress, anxiety, tension, depression and more. It also helps in healing various emotional and psycho-spiritual issues.

5. Crystal healing helps in enhancing mental clarity and focus, concentrations and memory. It also helps in enhanced awareness of the self and mindfulness. Overall, crystal healing helps in deep relaxation at all levels.

6. Crystal healing can help enhance, improve and enrich our relationships

7. Healing with crystals is also highly helpful in manifesting goals – short term as well as long term goals in life.

8. Crystal healing also helps in career, work, business and finances.

9. Crystal healing helps establish and strengthen our connection with the higher consciousness. Crystals help channel the divine universal life force energy.

10. It helps generate and maintain an enhanced sense of well-being and positivity in all aspects of your life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The Energy Reading (1 hour) €50

Start 2019 with an Energy Reading. It is a fantastic way to bring clarity into you life & help you move forward into your year ahead with confidence and excitement. 

An Energy Reading helps you to realize what is creating blockages in your life and gives you the knowledge to take action to move through them. It helps you understand yourself through the means of Numerology & Astrology by giving you a sense of who you are and what your energy is as a person. It helps you to see your strengths and your weaknesses in a gentle way so you can be more aware of anything you need to work upon. 

The power of color will also be called upon to show where blockages are occurring in your energy field. Angel cards will be used as a means of guidance to help give you a clearer view of where you are headed or if there is anything that you need to know to help you to move forward. 

You will receive a Empowerment Healing to clear any negative emotions that are holding you back by replacing them with empowering emotions. A Cord Cutting will also be given to free up your energy from anything that is draining you or not serving your purpose allowing you the space to move forward.

Energy Therapy for Kids 1 Hour €50

Energy Therapy and Healing for children is available for ages 4 upwards. This form of therapy supports the non verbal communication children so often use to 'speak' to and about their internal and external worlds. 

Creative Therapy, Sound Therapy, IET and Energy Healing are all combined to support the child in improving their overall well-being, lessoning anxiety, increasing self esteem and bringing about positive change.  The Parent/Guardian will be present throughout the session in a quiet non directive way. 

The Structure of the first session:

  • An assessment will be done with parent and child to  get a feel for where the child is at.
  • A numerology reading will be done as to see what the child's energy is about and what methods are best suited to the child's number and life path.
  • The child will step into big singing bowl and energy will be grounded down with the power of sound
  • The child will be given Integrated Energy Therapy to release any strong emotions and also intuitive energy if I feel any blockages in the body that require clearing.
  • Note: This will contain fun and imagination as the child will be drawing or colouring in while the treatment is in process

Angelic Healing 1 hour treatment €50 

Angelic healing is a beautiful, gentle yet extremely powerful energy healing. Working with Archangels Raphael and Michael the angelic energy is channelled through the practitioner to clear and cleanse the mind body and spirit of the recipient.
The mental, emotional and physical body, aura and chakras are left balanced, cleansed and fully operational. A person is left feeling restored, uplifted and energised.
Reiki Healing 1 hour treatment €50  

Reiki is an ancient art of using the Universal Life Force to activate our potential for self healing. It is very easy to use, natural & a powerful tool in helping us to help ourselves. Reiki can:
  • Connects us with the Source and essence of all life     
  • Deepens our awareness of our own divine essence
  • Strengthens our intuition and clarity     
  • Promotes personal transformation, growth and awareness   
  • Brings about deep relaxation  
  • Releases stress and emotional blockages  
  • Activates the body’s natural ability to heal itself
  • Cleanses the body of toxins
  • Reduces the side effects of treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy     
  • Promotes rapid recovery from illness and surgery
  • Reduces the side effects of drugs
  • Works on the underlying cause of the illness      
  • Works on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual·

Angel Guidance Reading with Gemma Lalor €50

Angel Guidance Reading is a great way to understand where you are in your life and give you guidance on how to move forward. It helps you to uncover your strengths and your weaknesses.  

An Angel Guidance reading can help you to see where the blockages are occurring in your life and will help guide you on how to remove these blockages to move forward.

  • Knowledge will be provided to you on the energy you hold as a person and how to use that knowledge to help yourself.
  • Ancestral Traits that have an advantage and disadvantage will be addressed. Guidance will be given on how it would be best to utilize the strengths to your advantage and let go of what is not serving your purpose.
  • Angel Guidance will be given on each aspect of your life from family, friends, career, health etc.
  • Guidance will also be given for each month so you can see which path your life is taking and how best for you to deal with it.
  • A Cord Cutting will also be given at the end to free up your energy so you can move forward in your own space.

This Angel Guidance reading is for you to gain knowledge about yourself so you can feel empowered to move forward.

Magnified Healing 1 hour Session €50

Magnified Healing balances the chakras, heals the nervous system, and  the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It also heals Karma and prepares the individual for Ascension.     

What Happens During A Session

The therapist will guide the healing energies through the chakras as the recipient is either standing or sitting. The healing may also be applied directly to any areas of the body where there is an imbalance, blockage or trauma.
The recipient will be fully clothed during the session
The recipient takes an active part in the healing with spoken affirmations, movements and visualizations.
These will be explained to the recipient in advance of the treatment.
Be assured there are no complicated movements.
The therapist will continually guide the recipient as the energies flow. 

Benefits of Magnified Healing

  • feel whole and at peace
  • connect you to your heart and heal the emotions you hold there – grief, sadness, love, compassion etc.
  • be open to embracing life rather than resisting or bracing yourself against it
  • strengthen your immune system and sooth the nervous system
  • release old patterns, thought forms and behaviors that no longer support you so you can integrate new ways of being and feeling
  • soothe and balance an overstimulated central nervous system
  • support your adrenals, as many people are overactive in the ‘fight / flight’ mode
  • feel uplifted and connected to yourself
  • release deep emotional blockages that are preventing you from moving forward
  • be open to experiencing more kindness, compassion and forgiveness towards yourself first and others
  • feel grounded, centered and present to yourself and life
  • raise your consciousness awareness. What I like to call the ‘pause’. Instead of falling into old habits, you pause and from that place choose how to interact with the world around you.
  • connect deeper to your intuition and creativity
  • release stress and pain held in your system
  • heal the physical body from energetic imbalances
  • energize any of the systems of your body that maybe feeling depleted and in need of replenishment
  • Awakens, rewires and connects the nervous system
  • Aligns spiritual centers, stimulate the calcium in the spine and balance the chakras
  • Heals Karma

You will also receive An Archangel Metatron Cleanse to remove any negative psychic debris from your aura along with a cord cutting in your treatment with Gemma.

Angel Card Reading with Clare Mansfield €50

Angel Card Readings are a beautiful source of inspiration, comfort, guidance and healing. Readings are very therapeutic and an easy way to learn how to work with the angels. The loving messages help to alleviate worries, concerns and negative thinking.


The angels want us to know that love and joy is within our reach and that we can learn to live with peace and understanding. They represent H.O.P.E. as they Happily Offer Positive Encouragement. By bringing angels into our lives we become more compassionate and optimistic.


Your angels have messages that can help you heal every area of your life. You can receive angelic answers and guidance about your love life, career, health, family and whatever else you would like guidance about. All messages are positive and supportive since the angels always counsel us from a place of love.

Soul Card Reading with Clare Mansfield €50

Find out what your soul wants you to know!

The purpose of an intuitive reading is to help a client to understand where they are at and to help them in moving forward. An intuitive reading helps a person to heal as they receive gentle guidance from their higher self.


When I give an intuitive reading, I begin by asking the client’s date of birth. I then decipher their Sun Sign by using my knowledge of Astrology and their Life Code Energy by using Numerology. This gives me a broad insight into their general life pattern, personality traits, relationship preferences and what jobs would best suit their energy. I gently give them the information that feels right for their overall character as I get a feel for their energy.


I then close my eyes and tune in. I relax and allow myself to receive messages for the client. When I feel connected, I receive messages as thoughts, stories or images. Sometimes I ask broad questions in my mind about family, friends, jobs, money, health or love and wait for the answers that come to me. I tune in to pick up on the person’s inner world, thoughts, feelings and motivations.


It is important to remain calm and unattached to the outcome when having an intuitive reading. Information and energy can be received from a place of non-judgement when we feel calm and centred. Guidance from spirit is always loving, pure, helpful and supportive.

I finish a session with a soul card reading. The client picks a selection of cards which we then interpret. I allow the cards to tell the story. It always amazes me how the cards carry the energy of the client and how we always pick the exact combination of cards pertinent to our life situation.

Life Purpose Card Reading with Clare Mansfield €50

Treat yourself to this powerful life-enhancing reading. Through a Life Purpose Reading, you will learn what it is you are here to embrace and clarify what gives you that feeling of passion. By uncovering our passions, we become fully engaged each and every day into living a purposeful life. That itself is the purpose of life!


Happiness occurs spontaneously when we are feeling on purpose in our lives. It is a natural by-product of purposeful action or activity. When you are living on purpose, life feels more harmonious; we naturally experience more abundance and we feel healthier and happier.

Clare works as a Life Coach, teacher and Holistic Healer and she is passionate about helping others to feel happier and on purpose in their lives. Clare will guide you through some questions so as to gain insight into your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. This Life Purpose exploration session helps you to drop from your head to your heart. By tuning into our feelings, we can uncover our passions.


Using the “Wheel of Life” and “Life Purpose” oracle cards, you will receive the answers you are meant to receive to help, support and guide you at this time. The Law of Attraction ensures that each answer matches the vibration of the area you are asking about. You will learn what you need to release; the talents you have to embrace and how to take things one step at a time.

This exciting reading will bring clarity, guidance and insight into many areas of your life: family, social life, romance, career, money, health, self development and much more! Find out if you are to be a: healer, spiritual teacher, artist, parent, writer, speaker, leader . . .